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Running nearly 200 miles between Colton, California and Yuma, Arizona, the Yuma Subdivision is a part of the former Southern Pacific’s Sunset Route, which today serves the Union Pacific as an important rail corridor. It is part of the second Transcontinental Railroad built in the late nineteenth century connecting southern California with Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and Mexico.  

The Yuma Subdivision is a diverse piece of railroad with steep mountain grades and high-speed desert running. It climbs over  Beaumont Hill through San Timoteo Canyon and drops down along the shore of the Salton Sea at an elevation of 204 feet below sea level. It races over the arid desert to a meeting with the Colorado River at the Arizona State line.  

This busy piece of railroad is double-tracked primarily, seeing several high-priority intermodal trains along with manifests traveling to and from West Colton Yard. Long stack trains with DPU and manned helpers out of Indio dig in for the climb over San Gorgonio Pass.  

Join us for this fantastic adventure over Beaumont Hill and along the Salton Sea!

Shot in beautiful 4K!

2 Hours 22 Minutes
Stereo Sound
Narration on/off

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