Four of our 2025 Calendars are now in stock: Santa Fe, BNSF, Union Pacific and Rio Grande. The other two, CSX and NS, will follow in the next couple of months.

Calendar Contributor Information

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McMillan Publications Calendars

We are looking for sharp, well composed images of Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Rio Grande, BNSF, NS and CSX subjects. We need dramatic action shots on main lines and branches; new, old or unusual locomotives; passenger or business trains; seasonal views, such as autumn, summer, winter and spring, and night scenes. Please, no roster shots.

Specific Needs:
Santa Fe
 - System branch lines, fall colors; winter; views from the 1960's and 1970's; grain, coal and other unit trains. Please, no BNSF. We really need photos from Texas, Oklahoma, northern California and Kansas.

BNSF - for geographical coverage, we especially need the Pacific Northwest, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri and Wyoming. Photos must show BNSF units on the point in Heritage I, Heritage II or Warbonnet paint, but trailing units can be ATSF or BN. Please, no "patch job" renumbered units on the point. We can use photos of oil trains.

D&RGW - Standard Gauge only. We are usually short of images made in Utah, and we always need winter and fall scenes. We prefer shots taken during the days of the Rio Grande, but will consider photos made during the SP era if only Rio Grande units are shown. We would also like to see material made on branch lines. We have never published photos of Rio Grande trains between Pueblo and Kansas City, but would certainly consider doing so. No patched units, please.

Union Pacific - for geographical coverage, we especially need the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, and especially scenes on the former MoPac and Katy lines in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Please, only UP locomotives on the point, but trailing units can be leased units or foreign road. Please, no "patch job" renumbered units on the point. We will consider views of the 844 and 3985 in excursion service and diesel-powered business trains. We can also use photos of oil trains.

Norfolk Southern - branch lines, winter, fall colors and new locomotives. We also need slides of the west end of the system, i.e., Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. As a note, we receive a large number of fall shots, which is fine, but often we are often thin on summer views. We are always short of images of the NS in the Southeast. Heritage Units: We will use about three Heritage images per year. While these colorful units are very popular, they don't represent the whole railroad. 

CSX - branch lines, fall colors, winter action. We especially need the west end of the system, i.e., Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio) and the Southeast: Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Tennessee. We can also use images of the new  CSX heritage locomotives, but we usually limit the use of only one or two in a calendar year.

The entire Santa Fe, BNSF, UP, D&RGW, NS and CSX systems are considered. We prefer photos from areas other than the super popular locations such as Cajon Pass, Tehachapi, Horseshoe Curve, Bear Mountain or Sherman Hill, but if you have something really spectacular or unusual from these places, we'd like to see it. If in doubt, send it. Please, no off-line shots, such as NS locomotives on the UP or UP units on NS. However, we will consider trackage-rights trains for example: (BNSF trains on UP's Central Corridor for the BNSF calendar, etc.).

In general, a good calendar photo is a pleasing view in good or dramatic light; a photo one can look at on the wall for a month. Because of the visual impact, overhead views have a better chance at selection than do "grade crossing wedgies." We usually have no need for roster views, unless they are in some sort of dramatic or unusual setting. We try to select photos that represent the railroad geographically and are made during the four major seasons. Unfortunately, we are usually flooded with great fall shots and in some cases, we are short on summer and winter views. Since we use just a few views of each season, we will often hold over your images from year to year. Historical shots do not necessarily make good calendar photos. We often get "first run" or "last run" views of trains on some line, but unless these views also qualify as a "calendar shot," they are best left to the news section of some magazine.

"Busy scenes" (not "cluttered scenes") have a better chance for selection than do views where the train is the only object in the photo. We will usually reject scenes where the train is very small in relation to the rest of the scene. For example, a train winding its way along the floor of a canyon where most of the scene is canyon and very little is train.

FLICKR: If you have a Flickr web site to display your photos, let us know about it. We can "follow" you and perhaps be able to pick out some calendar images from your site. Our site is:

The deadline for submitting photos is March 15 of each year for the following year's calendar (i.e. March 15, 2021 is deadline for photos for the 2022 calendars), but we would prefer receiving your material during January and February after the holidays.

EMAIL ADDRESS: You must have a valid email address in order for us to consider your submissions, or you must include 80/100 words of caption information about each photo. We do all of our communicating regarding photo information by email (and sometimes by phone) and cannot take the time to correspond by mail when we're running close on printing deadlines.

FILM and DIGITAL:  For scanned slides, send us TIFF scans at 4000 dpi scaled at 100%. We accept digital images taken with cameras rated at 6 megapixels and up. (We prefer images made with 10 to 12+ MP cameras.) For photos made with digital cameras, send us TIFF files measuring 13 inches by 9 inches at 300 dpi on a CD or DVD or by a file transfer service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox (Use email address: We no longer require that you submit separate proofs to accompany your digital images, but please, include your name, engine number, direction, location, state, and date in the file name of the digital image (see LABELING below). We are no longer accept slides or transparencies of any kind, only ditigal images and digital slide scans.


Your photos must be properly labeled as to date photographed, location, etc., but you need not include captions unless you wish to do so (See EMAIL ADDRESS above). If one of your shots is selected, we will contact you if more information is required. In that regard, please furnish an evening phone number and email address with your correspondence.

For digital images and digital scans, please include your last name, the lead engine number, train direction (N, E, S, W), location, state, and date as part of the image file name. For example, use this format or something similar: McMillan-5595WDenverCO12-11-11

RETENTION: CDs, DVDs and thumb drives will be retained in our files for future consideration. We keep digital images in a data base for future review. Please DO NOT resend images. Once we have an image recorded, there is no need to receive it again.

We pay $100 for each photo used in the calendars. In addition, you will receive 6 free calendars if one or more of your photos is used (For example, if you have two photos published in the calendars, you will receive a check for $200 and 6 free calendars). You also have the option of buying additional calendars at a 20% discount (Please enclose $7.00 shipping for one calendar and $1.00 for each additional). Your free calendars and check will be sent to you as soon as practical (usually in October). 

Send calendar contributions to:
McMillan Publications Inc. 
9968 W 70th Place
Arvada, CO 80004-1622
Attn: Calendar Photos

Joe McMillan, President
McMillan Publications, Inc.