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Norfolk Southern honored its predecessor railroads during its 30th anniversary in 2012, by painting 20 new locomotives in commemorative authentic schemes of those particular railroads.

With the designs created by Andrew Fletcher, Norfolk Southern employees in Altoona, Pennsylvania and Chattanooga, Tennessee painted the GE ES44AC locomotives, while the EMD SD-70ACe units were painted at Progress Rail Services’ facility in Muncie, Indiana. The heritage locomotives are now hauling freight across Norfolk Southern’s 20,000-mile, 22-state network and beyond.  In this volume, we capture 10 of the 20 locomotives, which include The Reading…Monongahela…Wabash…Norfolk Southern…Virginian…Savannah & Atlanta…Nickel Plate Road…Lackawanna…Interstate…and the Southern.  Also included is a commemorative locomotive painted to honor our Veterans.

Remembering its heritage is something Norfolk Southern should be proud of.  These classy locomotives not only look great, but they also bring back the memories of the railroads that once plied the rails in the eastern U.S. 

List price $29.95, 119 minutes, Color/HiFi Stereo Sound, Narration on/off Feature, 16:9 Widescreen


Posted 9-4-13