NOTE: The 2023 Santa Fe and BNSF Color Calendars are now in stock. The Union Pacific, Rio Grande, Norfolk Southern, and CSX Calendars will follow soon and should be available by late August. Be sure to read the information on the web page for each calendar. Yes, the price of the calendars has increased this year. Our paper cost has gone up 85% since the 2022 calendars were printed, and that paper is much harder to acquire with long lead times.


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Follow Nickel Plate Berkshire 759 from Hagerstown, Md toward Roanoke on Norfolk and Western's Shenandoah Valley Line as it pulled a freight with many run-by, servicing at Shenandoah and action-filled pacing sequences on April 24, 1971. Then, on May 1, 1971, chase the 759 east from Roanoke as she pulled the final run of N&W's "Pocahontas" at the request of N&W. On that day Amtrak began running most of America's passenger trains but did not continue the "Pocahontas" so this was the final run for the train. En-route, the 759 climbed the famous Blue Ridge grade and was caught at many locations with a great pacing scene in eastern Virginia. 75 minutes + previews of our NKP and N&W videos. The DVD has chapters, narrated or un-narrated. Narrated by Danny Harmon. 90 minutes in total.

List price $39.95, 75 minutes +previews. SKU: NKP759POCA. Posted March 4, 2020.