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What makes this MRL show different than other producers? 98% of trains shown are led with EMD power, 92% of the trains are led with Montana Rail Link Power and our videographer, Mike Savona, spent over 4 years and 30 trips to Montana to capture the footage for this show.

In Volume 1 of our coverage of the Montana Rail Link, we follow the railroad's mainline from Jones Junction, near Huntley, Montana, to Helena, over the MRL's 1st and 2nd Subdivisions. In addition to the mainline, the 5th, 6th, and 13th Subdivisions are also covered. On the mainline, trains are seen following the course of the beautiful Yellowstone River east of Livingston, climbing the steep grades of Bozeman Pass and Winston Hill, and traversing the tight curvature along the Missouri River. The 5th Subdivision was once part of Northern Pacific's Homestake Pass route, and we follow it along its entire length from Logan to Spire Rock. Along the way, the tracks pass through Jefferson Canyon, arguably one of the most scenic stretches of territory on the entire railroad. MRL's remaining branch lines are true survivors, with the 6th and 13th Subdivisions being no exception. On these lines, you'll enjoy seeing a truly different side of the railroad's operation.

MRL's SD-45 fleet returned to mainline service in 2014, and C. Vision was there to capture these impressive machines as they earned their keep on lease to BNSF. MRL's mix of old and new EMD locomotives put on an impressive show, and you'll enjoy seeing these well-maintained units operating in all types of service.

This program documents an exciting era on Montana Rail Link, and you'll see firsthand why this railroad is considered by many to be the "last best place". Come along with C. Vision Productions, as we tour the eastern portion of this fascinating railroad, in "Montana Rail Link, EMDs in the Rockies, Volume 1, the East End".

List price $29.95, Running Time 2 hours, Color/HiFi Stereo Sound, 16:9 Widescreen DVD or BluRay, Narration On/Off Feature