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Widescreen: $25.95 USD
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Minnesota’s Railroads, Volume 7 (AVAILABLE IN WIDESCREEN DVD OR BLURAY)

Expected in stock 4-6-12.

Minnesota’s Railroads, Volume 7, continues our look at railroads operating in the Land of 10,000 Lakes! In this production, we revisit four short lines to view new power, new paint and new business.

C. Vision visits the Northern Lines Railway in St. Cloud to view new power in the form of an ex-Burlington Northern GP-10 and a former Iowa Interstate GP-7.  Then we head to east central Minnesota and follow the St. Croix Valley. Here the railroads sports two locomotives with its new Northern Pacific inspired paint scheme.  Special Windmill Tower Trains and new business on Progressive Rails Cannon Falls line attracted us to document the revitalized Chicago Great Western line.  And finally, a re-visit to the Minnesota Commercial to view their rare RS-27 at work, along with the Sand Train that began in late 2011 which uses MNNR’s six axel power.  From SW-1500’s to the mighty SF30-C’s, this program gives a great variety of switching and main line action that only short lines in Minnesota can offer! It’s all here in Minnesota’s Railroads, Volume 7…New Power, New Paint and New

List price $25.95, 118 minutes, color, HiFi stereo sound, Narration on-off feature 16:9 Widescreen. SKU: MR7DVD and MR7BR