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4:3 Aspect DVD: $25.95 USD
Blu-ray: $25.95 USD


See the Grand Trunk Western Railroad in and around the Detroit Metro. Plus GT train action on their ex Detroit & Toledo Shore Line and ex Detroit Toledo & Ironton Railroad branch lines. The exciting GTW train action includes yard switching, locals, manifests, intermodals and unit trains of coal and coke. See the train action at Detroit's busiest Hot Spot, Delray Tower and Junction. Plus action at West Detroit, Michigan Central Station, Milwaukee Jct., Beaubien Tower and the famous Hi-Line through downtown Detroit. See GT's connecting railroads including Conrail, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Canadian Pacific, Detroit Connecting RR, Great Lakes Steel RR, Canadian National, and Amtrak. GTW diesel power consists of their large roster of 1st and 2nd generation standard cab EMDs. Rail footage era 1992-1999 and was shot from the camera of Hal Pantti.

Running Time: 115 Minutes • Beautiful Color with Live Audio
4:3 Aspect • Narration On/Off Options

List Price $29.95, 115 minutes. SKU: GTWDET2DVD and GTWDET2BR. Posted February 23, 2021.