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Widescreen: $31.95 USD
Blu-ray: $31.95 USD

Emery Gulash once said  “to be a railfan in the mid 1950’s in or near Chicago was a double barrel dream”.

Being a railfan in the early 90’s meant capturing all the great railroads of Chicagoland before they disappeared. In 1990 after twenty years as a CNW Engineer, Dennis Jenko purchased a professional camcorder and began recording mainline action around Chicago and beyond, on ATSF, BN, CCP, CNW, CR, CSX, GTW, SOO, WC, and others.

Dennis has always been a huge fan of noted RR film photographer Emery Gulash, his first train tape was Santa Fe Odyssey Vol-1 on “VHS” so to follow in his footsteps is both exciting and humbling. In this new series of Chicago Odysseys, join Dennis as he railfans many of Emery’s favorite locations, and those of his own too.

Watch mainline action at Blue Island, Lockport, Savanna, Rochelle, Oregon, Bristol, Joliet, Lisle, West Chicago, Wheaton, Bryn Mayr, Itasca, Willow Springs, Naperville and many others.

Don’t miss this Super action packed program, Tons of Classic fallen flag Chicagoland train action from the early 1990’s on this over 2.5 hour (two disc set) from the collection of Dennis Jenko!

(2 Disc Set)
Total Time Approx. 155 Minutes - 2.6 hours
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
On screen Graphic Locations
Chapter Menus