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 Relive the glory years of steam on the Union Pacific with all new footage in this Volume Two of Union Pacific Steam Classics. We begin with late 50's coverage of 800 series 4-8-4's on the line from Council Bluffs to North Platte. This is mostly freight operations by Perry Becker in 16mm, plus a few passenger shots by Everett Rohrer with his freight shots. At Grand Island we step back to 1938 to see engine 815 doing a special test train, and see a freight train. These scenes are in Black and White, while everything else is color footage. Then we continue west with more 800 4-8-4's.

Next we visit Denver and the line to Cheyenne, we see shots made from 8mm movies mainly including an unknown photographer, and some shots by my father Warren W. Scholl of Denver which includes a chase of 7012(4-8-2) on a train to Cheyenne. There is some 16mm coverage by Everett Rohrer with some 2-8-0's, 2-8-2's, 800's, and so forth. That footage is 16mm, and there is some 8mm shots of other engines in Denver such as Challengers, and 0-6-0's among others.

At Cheyenne we see a variety of power moving around and departing the yard. There is a neat shot of a rare doubleheader with 2 Big Boys(4-8-8-4's) headed for Sherman Hill. There are other Big Boy and Challenger shots, as well as other shots. One rare shot has a Big Boy helper on the front of a streamliner exiting Hermosa tunnel. In this segment we also see riding footage of a Westbound streamliner which passes 2 freights powered by Big Boys. This short segment was shot by Victor Shattock(Vintage Rail Journey Video). There are also some more 8mm scenes shot in the winter.

Next we move to Laramie for a selection of scenes, by various photographers, including a nice overhead view of an 800 arriving and being serviced at the water spout. After this we see action on the Coalmont Branch, which heads southwest out of Laramie. We see a 1956 trip with engine 535(a 2-8-0), in 8mm, then later a 1957 excursion with the same engine. This one is also in 8mm, but we also have 16mm footage by Perry Becker of this same trip. This line is completely gone now, making this is very historic. If you have our Early Diesels Video, you can see an F-Unit trip we shot on this line in 1988.

Don't forget to check out Volume One if you do not already have that one.

No fake train sounds, as these were all shot silent as per usual. Music and Informative narration included. List price $31.00, 64 minutes. SKU: UPSC2. Posted 9-1-11.