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Widescreen: $853.00 TWD
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Standing guard over the Utah-Wyoming border the massive cliffs of the Wasatch Mountains divide the rolling grasslands to the east from the salt deserts to the west. The immense features once echoed the bark of the largest steam locomotives on earth. Today they reverberate with the drumming of mighty diesels climbing the Wasatch grade.

In this program we will explore the Union Pacific’s Evanston Subdivision between Ogden, Utah and Green River, Wyoming. This is the classic grade over the Wasatch Mountains where the Big Boy’s once roamed. Highlights include scenic Weber and Echo Canyons, monster 200 car manifests cresting the summit at Wahsatch, and cleaning up a derailment at Peru that wiped out both main tracks.

As a bonus, see historic footage of Big Boy 4014’s return to the Wasatch grade while heading to Cheyenne for restoration.

Join 7idea Productions on an amazing tour through northeast Utah and southwest Wyoming. Shot in beautiful hi definition the panoramas of the west come alive on the wide screen! Filmed in 2014 and 2016.

List price $29.95, 2 hours 45 minutes running time. SKU WASATCH7DVD and WASATCH7BR. Posted September 8, 2016.