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Default Title: $805.00 TWD


Filmed in color by John Davis and others....
Look back at a grand era that featured three class one independent roads with first
and second-generation power. This big-time mountain style of railroading will never
be seen again-but this feature brings it back for your enjoyment.
Don't miss the years of the UP, Santa Fe and Southern Pacific, as they all
developed the need for more locomotive power to combat the longer trains,
faster schedules, and heavy grades. See "E-Units" and "Centennials" when
they were working in real freight and passenger service. Big Tunnel Motors and EMD SD-40 and SD-45s smoking it up on Tank Trains and giant manifests! This 1 HR and 38 Minute film has generous helpings of clean views of older freight cars and vintage trailers after the power goes by and is a goldmine for railfans and modelers who want to see "how it was". Many trains also have multiple manned helpers and cabooses, in an era with no graffiti. Learn the story of Union Pacific's monumental quest for bigger diesels and more power! DD-40X Centennials, DD-35B's and Turbines all show up putting on a show! These are all-time views of 2 monumental landmarks of western railroading at many locations, in all seasons! These are all epic railroading Visions, you can no longer see today!

List price $28.50, 1 hour and 38 minutes, all-color. SKU: RAILFANCAJTEH. Posted November 29, 2020.