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NEW DVD in Stock Now!:

PENNSYLVANIA GLORY Vol. 4. Pennsy Steam 1955-57 with early '50's flashbacks and more! Features K4 Pacifics on NY & Long Branch 1955-56, Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines action at Camden, NJ & Philadelphia 30th St. Station with PRR B6, E6, H9 and K4 classes + Reading G3 Pacifics. Then, visit Enola Yard and the Rockville Bridge in 1956 with M1a 4-8-2's and I-1 Decapods. Next, Columbus, OH with J1a and Santa Fe 2-10-4's plus I1 Decapods, N&W class A articulateds and more filmed 1955-'56. Then, visit Dayton OH and Richmond IN in early 1950's passenger action with T1 Duplexes and K4 Pacifics. Also: Bonus segment of the wreck of train 30 "Spirit of St. Louis" on Labor Day, 1945 at Brookville, OH. All Color (except the train 30 segment). PRR Sound. Narrated or Un-narrated viewing. Chapters. 1 hour 29 minutes of PRR Steam! Order Today!

List price $39.95, 89 minutes, mostly color. SKU: PG4. Posted December 18, 2022.