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In Volume 2 of our coverage of the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern, we cover the railroad's mainline from Waseca, Minnesota to Pierre, South Dakota. In addition to the mainline, DM&E's three remaining branch lines are also covered. With coverage before and after the CP takeover, a great variety of motive power is seen in operation, including the arrival of SOO and CP SD60's on DM&E lines. This show chronicles EMD's finest, as they power across the railroad with heavy trains of grain, ethanol, and bentonite. The mainline travels through the scenic Minnesota River Valley from Mankato to New Ulm, snakes its way through Buffalo Ridge near Lake Benton, traverses the Glacial Lakes region of eastern South Dakota, and then enters the open prairie for the journey through the center of the state. After passing through Blunt, the tracks leave the prairie behind to follow the beautiful Missouri River into Pierre. We were fortunate to view trains on all three of DM&E's active branch lines. The Yale Spur, along with the Mansfield and Onida Subdivisions, provided us with a great diversion from mainline operations, as well as a window into the railroad's past. We captured several scenes in the vicinity of thunderstorms, making for some dramatic footage that you are sure to enjoy. This four hour program documents the heart of DM&E's operations in its central corridor like never before. All of this and more is here for you, in "A Tribute to the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern, Volume 2, Thunder Across the Prairie".

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