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Default Title: $2,478.00 TWD

IN STOCK AND SHIPPING. The SPH&TS is proud to announce the publication of Southern Pacific Lines Across Texas and Louisiana, 1934-1961, by Joe Dale Morris with George C. Werner. 

The States of Texas and Louisiana and the Southern Pacific Railroad grew up together. In 1853 the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado, the first railroad in Texas was opened; and in the same year the New Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western, the first component railroad of the T&NO in Louisiana was opened. Soon, thirty- four other railroads were built in Texas, forming nine predecessor roads, and nine railroads were built in Louisiana, forming five predecessor railroads. In 1927 the Espee leased all of the predecessor roads to the Texas and New Orleans Railroad and finally in 1934 all of the leased companies were merged into a single company. In 496 pages, including a historical review of the companies, and over 900 black & white and 80 color photos, taken by 50 of the nation's finest photographers, 15 illustrations, 12 maps in full color, a bibliography and index the full story of the Texas and New Orleans Railroad, the Southern Pacific Lines in Texas and Louisiana, is presented.

List price $90, hardcover, 900 b&w and 80 color photos, 504 pages. SKU: SPTXLA. Posted 9-21-12.