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EXPECTED IN STOCK BY 10-21-11. This is the 1976 to 1997 story of the Consolidated Rail Corporation, widely known as Conrail. It was created from the bankrupt Penn Central and a number of other bankrupt northeastern roads in 1976. We bring the early years of rebuilding, and the later years of a successful operation, that surprised nearly everyone. Everyone that is except the committed employees and the leadership Conrail had during its four phases of existence. This was like a four act play -- with every element needed to make a great story that will be studied by business analysts and rail historians for years to come. The four principal phases of Conrail's existence each had a CEO from a different business background that helped forge Conrail into a valuable operation.

Our presentation includes many maps created especially for video to keep the viewer informed and to help paint the big picture. 

Once the system was stabilized, Conrail started making a profit and they went public with shares of stock that repaid all the accumulated debt. By the late 1980s Conrail was now taken seriously. Fortunately, all this was carefully recorded for history.

This video has been created from the early movie filming and professional-format video material of three different rail historians, each with their own talent and unique style. These are all visions you can no longer see along the rails of today. Conrail has since been divided and integrated into the Norfolk Southern and the CSX systems. Learn the plan that could have bolstered Conrail's future as a separate, large system -- but for a twist of fate. Our presentation includes many maps made especially for video to keep the viewer informed and to help paint the big picture. 

We bring the former Pennsylvania Railroad's Pittsburg line, from Altoona to Cresson in 1988 to 1992, with all the intense action, grades and helpers. The line east of Altoona brings more action from the late 1980s and 1996. See a great mix of manifest freight and intermodal trains in many scenic locations. Then, don?t miss the Harrisburg to Reading scenes on Conrail's former Reading Railroad line.

Consolidated Rail saved the northeastern railroad industry by lifting 6 bankrupt roads from an ash heap - albeit a colorful one - with lots of work and an identity of its own making.

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