Please read: Effective March 1 2023, we will raise our shipping charges. We have absorbed several postal increases during the past couple years and it is time to make a change. There will not be much change for those ordering on-line as the web calculates shipping charges based on weight, distance, and class of mail service.


For mail and phone orders, charges are based on the number of items ordered, not weight. Charges for single-item orders will increase from $6 to $7. Additional items will be charged at $2 per item. For example, if you order a single DVD, the charge will be $7. If you order two, it will be $9. This will also give us the opportunity to send more items via priority mail. (Last year, all multiple 2023 calendar mail orders were sent priority mail, greatly reducing shipping time and mis-handling.)


We have received back from dealers six (6) 2023 Rio Grande calendars. They are available only for on-line orders, one to a customer. 


Book: $1,416.00 TWD

A look at C&O power. Chapter headings: The Sunset Years of C&O's E-unit Fleet; The Ebb Tide of C&O First Generation Freight Power; C&O's Heavy Duty Road Switchers; C&O's Aging Fleet of Yard Switchers-The Final Decade; Alco's Old and New; C&O's Second Generation Diesels-EMD Four-Axle Power; C&O's EMD Six-Axle Power-The SD35 and SD40; General Electric Cracks the EMD Stronghold; and Electric Ore Dock Pushers and Car Ferries. List price $59.95, hardcover, all color, 128 pages. Posted 7-26-05.