NOTE: The 2023 Santa Fe, BNSF and Norfolk Southern Color Calendars are now in stock. The Union Pacific, Rio Grande and CSX Calendars will follow in a few days. Be sure to read the information on the web page for each calendar. 


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The BNSF Railway across northern Arizona is interesting to train watchers for the variety of scenery it traverses, the incredible number of trains, and it’s history as the one-time mainline of the Santa Fe Railway. In BNSF Across Arizona-The Seligman Subdivision, you’ll follow the railroad from Needles, California to Winslow, Arizona.

You’ll enjoy great railroading action through ever-changing scenery including:

  • Kingman Canyon
  • Crozier Canyon
  • Nelson Canyon
  • The Crookton Cutoff
  • The Alpine area over the Arizona Divide
  • Canyon Diablo
  • The Mojave Desert
  • List price $24.95. SKU: BNSFAA. Posted October 4, 2017.