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B&O CLASSICS 1936-1972

Default Title: $964.00 TWD

B&O action from 1936-1972. Narrated by Danny Harmon (view with or without narration). Chapter menu. This DVD Focuses on steam, first and second generation diesels at : Ohio River Sub (Parkersburg - Kenova line), St. Louis area, Louisville KY, North Vernon IN, Chicago (B&OCT), Toledo, Deshler, Willard, Lorain line, Akron, Cincinnati and more. Steam power includes 4-6-0s, 4-6-2s, 4-6-4 Lord Baltimore, 4-8-2s, 2-8-0s, 2-8-2s, 2-10-2s, EM-1 2-8-8-4s, 0-8-0s + Southern PS2 class 4-6-2s. Diesels: B&O 50, E units, F units, Geeps, Alcos.

List price $39.95. 77 minutes - from 16mm  and 8mm film w/ added sound - color and black & white - DVD-R. SKU: B&OCLASSICS. Posted July 21, 2017.