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Revised and Expanded! Route 66 Railway explores the relationship between U.S. Highway 66 and the Santa Fe Railway in the American Southwest. For 90 years and more than 800 miles, these famous routes have been constant companions through California, Arizona, and New Mexico. This book is a visual road trip over these icons and the land they traverse, filled with spectacular photography and engaging text.

Nine decades of history bind these ribbons of steel and asphalt; each has experienced triumph, decline, and rebirth. U.S. Highway 66 was decommissioned in 1985, not long after the final section in Williams, Arizona was bypassed by Interstate 40.

Yet both legends thrive with newfound popularity. Route 66 has undergone a renaissance among travelers who want to experience the real American adventure, far from bland interstates. BNSF has become one of the nation's busiest railroads - as many as 100 trains a day parallel the old highway through deserts, mountains, canyons, and dusty towns filled with warm souls and a determination to endure.

Nearly 300 dramatic photographs will transport you up California's Cajon Pass, across the Mojave Desert and Arizona Divide, and past the mesas of New Mexico. Experience places where the worlds of road and railroad meet, recall the days when crossing the Southwest was an adventure. Visit colorful cafes, tourist traps, motor courts, railroad depots, and more, all amid the thunder of passing trains. In Route 66 Railway, the journey is the destination!

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