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In his new book, railroad author and photographer Stan Trzoniec covers the New York Central Railroad from Albany down to Yonkers, New York stopping at dozens of locations along the way.   Combined with the photos from Robert LaPorte, the book is full of classic pictures depicting the era when the Central was at its prime.  Most diesels and electrics of the time are included in the book from the sleek EMD E8s to General Electric road units like the U25B or RS-32s plus the famous P-Motors and Alco FAs pulling hard on long trains moving on the railroad.  Along with the freight trains, the famed 20th Century Limited has more than its share of coverage in the book at many locations along the Hudson River from various angles trackside.  

All locations are fully documented to follow the line as are dates showing how this division has fared over the past ’50s and ’60s of photographic coverage.  Trzoniec has also included the history of the line town by town and how each grew and prospered because of the New York Central Railroad and many of its branch lines.  

Robert LaPorte was a gifted photographer and Trzoniec along with his contributions is pleased to bring his hard work to life in this book.  From start to finish, this book documents the Hudson Division and the challenges it faces as one of the premier first-class railroads in the east.  With more than 185 crisp black and white photographs with captions on heavy glossy stock complimented with a detailed history of the railroad in 168 pages and 26 chapters on the various locations. For the New York Central enthusiast or modeler, this is a great book!  

List price $49,95; hardcover, b&w photos, 168 pages. SKU: BNYCHD. Posted October 23, 2020.