Our 2019 Calendars are starting to arrive from the printer. The Santa Fe, BNSF, Union Pacific and Rio Grande Calendars are in stock as of July 27, 2018. The CSX and Norfolk Southern are expected about Labor Day.

SOUTHLAND, a "must have" book on the Santa Fe, UP, and SP in Southern California is now in stock and shipping. Our price is $69.95; list price is $79.95. Click on "New Releases."


Widescreen: $20.95 USD
Blu-ray: $20.95 USD

Geared Shay locomotives at Cass, West Virginia, with a Carl Franz photo freight, and the following weekend at the Cass Railfan weekend. We see all four operating Shays in action, with the signature triple header and side by side run-by's, with lots of close ups of the thrashing machinary. Lots of sound, fury and smoke and not much motion! Totally amazing! List price $24.95, 105 minutes. SKU: GEARS. Posted 10-21-11.